mademoiselle L

mademoiselle L was created by Laurence Imstepf. A 2006 graduate of the Haute École d’Art et de Design (HEAD) in Geneva, she won the Brunschwig Prize and a grant from the Fond Cantonal d’Art Contemporain. In 2012, she won the Lily Fashion Contest.

mademoiselle L is a Swiss brand based in Geneva that combines three essential poles: functionality – creativity – individualism. mademoiselle L offers urban, minimalist and graphic fashion with architectural lines, hijacking the streetwear and sportswear worlds.

With the “#a cross L” project developed in 2013, mademoiselle L laid the foundations for her new project. The project is conceived as a linear, continuous development with numbered #a cross L capsule collections. The creative approach is continuous and evolutionary, and is set up to distance herself from the fashion calendar.

In 2022, she opens “The L store” in Geneva.

In early 2024, mademoiselle L broke away from the fashion calendar with her spring-summer and autumn-winter collections, finally achieving the milestone she had set herself. From now on, one collection per year will cover each season. One outfit will be released each month, from February to November.
No more, no less.

All pieces are made in mademoiselle L’s studio in Versoix – Geneva.

Ethical and responsible, mademoiselle L campaigns for clean fashion and produces capsule collections in mini-series.

Materials are sourced by mademoiselle L, with all supplies ordered from Europe. Textiles are all sourced from Europe, and are either ordered from stock (i.e. not produced in-house), using materials chosen for their long-lasting quality, or sourced from “deadstocks”, i.e. fabrics already produced and unused. For packaging, mademoiselle L works with recycled or biodegradable packaging.

✖️Less is more✖️